We may come to collect personal data which relates to you, in particular when you (i) register for the Site dedicated to L’Oreal Innovation Runway; (ii) download Downloadable Content; (iii) use a Segment; (iv) uploading content upon the Site; (v) subscribe to online services (ex: applications and social network pages) from the Site; (vi) send us an e-mail. (Any capitalized terms as used herein shall have the same meaning as defined in the Terms of Use.)


This personal data will be the subject of automatic processing and may be used for the necessity to facilitate and operate L’Oreal Innovation Runway. If you send us a message, the data is kept and used to send a response to your request and to ensure its monitoring.


Furthermore, and if you have given your authorization by checking the box for such purpose, we may come to transfer your data to our partners.


In conformity with the provisions of data privacy laws, you have a right to disclosure, correction, addition and deletion for the data that relates to you. To exercise this right, it suffices to send us an e-mail with proof of your identity to the following address:


The name of the business operator handling personal information is as follows: L’OREAL





What does this privacy statement apply to?

This Privacy Statement applies to this Site where personal data is processed. Thus, this Privacy Statement does not apply to third party websites, including those possibly mentioned or referred to on the Site via a link.


What information do we collect from you?

Data that you provide when (i) filling in forms from the Site or linked to the site, (ii) downloading Downloadable Content; (iii) using a Segment; (iv) uploading content from the Site; (v) subscribing to online services (ex: applications and social network pages) from the Site; or (iv) when addressing us correspondences:


1. first and last name; 2. email address; 3. phone number; 4. postal address; 5. any special requests you may have when contacting us (mainly for archival purposes); 6. photos or videos of you that you would like to share. 7. We may ask you to complete surveys that we use for research and statistical purposes.


Do we collect your IP address and do we use cookies?

We may collect your IP address and your browser type for system administration and/or statistical purposes and without identifying any other individual information. In some cases, we may also use cookies, which are small files of letters and numbers downloaded on to your device when you access our Media. We will mainly use cookies to recognize you the next time you visit our Media and to display contents that may match your interests.


Web browsers are usually set by default to accept cookies but you may easily change this by modifying the settings of your browser. However, please note that should you choose to disable cookies, you may be unable to use parts of our Media.


How do we use your data?

We principally use your data for the purposes of facilitating your startup’s application to the L’Oreal Innovation Runway.


How can you access your personal data?

You may always contact us by email at to find out what data we have concerning you. If you identify any mistakes in the data or if you find it incomplete or incorrect, you may also require from us that we correct it or complete it. You may also object to the use of your data for marketing purposes or to the sharing of your data with third party for this purpose. Finally, you may require us to erase any data we have concerning you. Your data collected by us will be deleted 24 months from the date of collection, provided however that we may keep records of your data for archiving purposes thereafter (especially when required by law).


Do we share your information?

Other than as set out in this Privacy Statement or unless we have your prior consent, we may share your information with people of our affiliates or with our service providers, and/or partners for the above mentioned purposes, and only when strictly necessary to perform the tasks entrusted to them. This people may contact you directly from contact information you have provided to us.


Please note that we strictly require our service providers and partners to use your data solely to facilitate and/or operate the L’Oreal Innovation Runway we ask them to assist. We also ask these business partners to always act in compliance with applicable privacy laws and to pay high attention to the confidentiality of your data.


Where do we store your data?

Your information is stored either in our databases or in the databases of our service providers and/or partners.


In some cases, and mainly for technical reasons, those databases may be stored on servers located outside of the country from which you originally entered the data (including outside of the European Union).


Do we transfer your data outside the European economic area?

Mainly because of the international dimension of the L’Oréal Group, and in order to optimize services quality, communication of information referred to above may involve transfer of personal data outside your country and/or to countries located outside the European Economic Area, whose legislations on protection of personal data differ from those of the European Union.


In such a case, rigorous and relevant measures, physical, organizational, procedural, technical and related to staff, ensure the safety and the confidentiality of personal data.


Is your data kept secure?

We aim at always keeping your data as safe and secure as possible, and only for the period of time necessary to achieve the aim pursued by the processing. In this perspective we take appropriate security, technological and organizational measures to prevent as much as possible any alteration, loss or unauthorized access to your data.


Please note that we may occasionally modify this Privacy Statement. In this case, the changes will be posted on this page.


Terms of use

Welcome on this Site dedicated to L’Oréal Innovation Runway and accessible at the following URL (the "Site").

Please read carefully the following Terms of Use, which govern the use of this Site. By using this Site you are deemed to have accepted these Terms of Use without reserve.

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The Site and the elements that comprise it (such as marks, images, text, videos, etc.) are protected by intellectual property rights. The development of this Site represents a significant investment and work in common on the part of our teams. For this reason, except as expressly stipulated herein, we have not granted you any right other than that of consulting the Site for your strictly personal and private use. All use, reproduction or representation of the Site (in whole or in part) or of the elements which comprise it, on any media whatsoever, for other purposes, including, but not limited to, commercial purposes, is not authorized. On an exceptional basis, we may expressly authorize you to reproduce and/or represent all or part of the Site, on certain media. Any request for authorization in this regard must be submitted in advance to the following e-mail address:


In the first place, we would like to remind you that use of the Site implies that you have available the necessary hardware and software resources for use of the Internet.

Furthermore, we would like to remind you that the Internet does not allow the guarantying of the security, availability and integrity of data transmissions, accordingly we cannot be held liable in the event of errors, omissions, deletions, delays, faults (including, but not limited to, by the actions of viruses), of the lines of communication, the hardware and the software which is not under our control or in the event of non-authorized use or possible degradation of the content published on this Site.

3.1. General obligations of the User

We defend the values of toleration and of respect of the rights of others. This is the reason that this Site may not be used as a vehicle for racist, violent, xenophobic, malicious, obscene or illicit proposals.

In using this Site, you agree not to:

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We would like to stress that you must hold all rights and/or authorizations with respect to any applicable content that you wish to publish on this Site. In this regard, we recommend not publishing content (in particular photographs) showing recent architectural items, advertising creations, images of clothing designs in which the mark may appear (initials, logos, color code of the brand, etc.). Finally, we note that content (including, but not limited to, photographs and videos) showing minors will not be accepted on this Site.

3.2. Specific stipulations for certain Segments

Various Segments may be made available to you on this Site: Downloadable Content, On-Line Applications, User Content, etc. (the "Segments").

3.2.1. Downloadable Content

We may make available on this Site content that you are authorized to download (""Downloadable Content""). In downloading or using such Downloadable Content, you are deemed to have agreed to use it in conformity with these Terms of Use.

We grant you, for your personal and private use only, royalty free and for the legal term of copyright protection, a non-exclusive, non-transferable, right to use the Downloadable Content. Any reproduction, representation, modification or distribution of the Downloadable Content must be the subject of prior express authorization on our part. Any request for this type of authorization should be submitted to us in advance at the following address:

3.2.2. On-Line Applications

We may make available on this Site software applications (the ""On-line Applications""). We grant you, for your personal and private use only, royalty free and for the legal term of copyright protection, a non-exclusive, non-transferable, right to use the On-Line Applications. You agree not to modify, adapt, reproduce, correct or distribute the On-Line Applications nor any mark or inscription of title set forth on such On-Line Applications and/or any media related thereto.

Any Content that you may create or produce with the On-Line Application shall be considered as User Content (as described in section 3.2.3 “User Content”.

Please inform us of any possible anomaly affecting the On-Line Applications at the following address:

We will then do our best to correct as soon as possible any such possible anomalies.

3.2.3. User Content

We may make available on this Site a space dedicated to user content, such as for example text, photos, videos, etc. (""User Content"").

By submitting User Content to us, you automatically grant us a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, worldwide license to use, copy, modify, adapt, edit, distribute, translate, create derivative works from, incorporate into other works, distribute and otherwise exploit such User Content (in whole or in part) on any and all medias (including without limitation this Site).

You expressly grant us the right to use the User Content on our own websites but also on third party websites in particular on so-called ""social networks"".

You acknowledge and agree that the use of these social networks is exclusively governed by the terms and conditions set up by these social networks. Consequently you acknowledge and agree that said terms and conditions are binding for us in our use of the Content. Therefore we may not be held responsible of any use by us or by a third party of the content in accordance with the terms and conditions set out by the social networks and especially but without limitation, in terms of scope of rights, of duration of rights and of deletion of the User Content.

You shall be solely responsible for any third party claims relating to the use of the Content in accordance with the terms and conditions of the social networks.

Without prejudice to the above, you represent and warrant that you have obtained all the necessary authorizations from all beneficiaries on the User Content regarding such use on the social network.

Finally, you acknowledge and agree (and you confirm that you have informed and obtained all the beneficiaries agreements) that this Content could be subject to “viral” communication (word-of-mouth communication) on these third party websites and that we will not be liable for any action in this regard.

User Content that you publish on this Site is entirely your choice and your exclusive liability. However, we would like to remind you that User Content must not conflict with the legislation in force or accepted standards of morality, and must not infringe on the rights of others. In this regard, we reserve the right to remove at any time User Content that is manifestly illegal and/or contrary to accepted standards of morality and/or which infringes on the rights of others.

Please inform us of any User Content which appears contrary to the legislation in force and/or to accepted standards of morality and/or the principles set forth herein and/or which infringes on the rights of others, at the following address:


4.1. General provisions

We try to provide you with accurate and up to date information. Nevertheless, transmissions of data and information over the Internet not benefiting from absolute technical reliability, we cannot guaranty the accuracy of all of the data that is included on this Site.

Furthermore, we would like to stress that inaccuracies and omissions may appear in the information available on this Site in particular through intrusion by third parties. Please inform us about any error or omission at the following e-mail address:

4.2. Information on the products and services

Unless provided otherwise, the products and services which are presented to you do not constitute an offer of sale but a general presentation of the range of the products and services that we distribute in the country in which this Site is published.

4.3. Hypertext links

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4.4. Cookies

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